IDE brings together global sUAS companies, international drone delegations, business leaders, government leaders, international sUAS associations, general aviation associations, and drone innovators from around the world. The exhibition showed JTT on its newly unveiled T60 pro UAV, T60 UAV, and advanced image processing, wireless AV transmission technologies which gave an incredible impression to the audiences.

This is not the first time JTT dazzled at world stage. The trips to Germany and Holland also attracted enormous attention on the show, every time the professional pilot has a flight demonstration in the designated area, the safety barriers are crowded with visitors who are using cameras and mobiles to record the unbelievable flight performance.

Meanwhile, JTT has become the official partner of Surf Life Saving New South Wales, marine rescue association of Australia. Unlike traditional ground search and rescue, maritime SAR mostly operate in dangerous and difficult situations, which requires high standard from every aspect like search, salvage, rescue and escort. T60’s outstanding performance makes it overcome the toughest challenges, and become a great helper in maritime search and rescue.

JTT T60 pro inherits everything from T60 with larger payload capacity and longer endurance time.It is a military-grade quality 6-axis 6-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle, with anti-wind and waterproof design, capable of working under extreme weather conditions. Built-in long distance high-definition transmission device make the maximum transmission distance reach up to 20 km.

In addition, the extensible airborne equipments such as infrared thermal device, HD zoom camera, 3D LiDAR mapping device enable T60 pro to work in various fields including public security, maritime search and rescue, pipeline inspection, electrical inspection, homeland inspection, real estate and geological mapping.