Judgment Marketplace is the only website that enables individual judgment creditors to transfer their judgments to third parties. It does this by educating the public about the potential financial advantages in acquiring judgments, presenting a forum for sellers (judgment creditors) and purchasers (judgment investors) to come together and negotiate a fair price for their judgments. In addition, Judgment Marketplace provides a payment system designed to facilitate the transaction while ensuring both buyer and seller receive the fruits of that transaction.

In so doing, Judgment Marketplace has taken an existing concept which has benefited a limited number of buyers and sellers for decades to a global level. For decades, a limited number of multinational companies have sold their debt to a limited number of purchasers. Both parties have made a considerable amount of money from their involvement with the debt industry (which is commonly called “buying paper”). Judgment Marketplace’s ambitious goal has enabled anybody to buy or sell paper (specifically judgments). Judgment Marketplace anticipates that the financial strategies which have long benefited the few, will now benefit the many.