JUDY LAVINE’s "genius" for healing comes partly from years of traditional and non-traditional training in health-related areas and is partly that with which she was born ~ her "gift" from God.  As a medical intuitive, Judy states that an exciting aspect of her practice is being blessed with the ability to "see" into one’s body and conduct “healings” in person or from afar. With over 30 years experience, she works in past, present and future “time” on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas to do "readings" of the body/soul and create “healings.”
   Judy enables people to remove blockages/dis-ease and achieve "optimal health." She includes animals/pets/land/water amongst her clients. Along with numerous academic degrees, she has studied and taught many disciplines including: Clinical Hypnosis (Diplomate), Neuro-linguistic Programming (Trainer of Trainers), Oriental Medicine, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master, Dowsing, Feng Shui (healing environments) & is certified in Laser Technology (635nm cohesive light regenerates/resets cranial nerves, heals carpal tunnel & migraines, and much more!) Known as “healer to the healers,” this “medicine woman” incorporates these disciplines, as well as nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, and “made-to-order” remedies in her international practice and teaching.

Judy love to help people communicate with love ones (people or pets) who have passed over, their Angels, God, and  with heroes to gather information to help in this lifetime! Parents who wish help their children call Judy to communicate with their child's Higher Self.

What people say: “astonishing insight into the human spirit” J.S./UK  “gifted healer sent from above” S.B./Germany  “divine alchemical mix of intuition, logic, mystery and a sprinkle of magic” Dr. D./USA.  Judy welcomes you to call and schedule a healing whether it's in this lifetime or another; in this dimension or another; in this generation or past; or simply to ask questions.

Medical Intuitive

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