Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as i can remember as a young child.” - states Julieanne “Juel” Salazar Juel is a descendant of the Cono family, Grand Niece of the Famous Latin Jazz Pianist Eddie Cano last noted on Billboards in 1974, RIP June 6, 1927 - January 30, 1988. The Cano’s led the Great Orchestra Band in Chihuahua Mexico in the 1920s. Julieanne’s Great-grandfather “Raymundo Cano” on her mothers, Moms side was the Orchestrator of the Great Orchestra Band.

“Growing up, Our Family Picnics and Gatherings were full of life, with Live Music from all my elderly family, including my Mother as a Lead Singer. It was such a Vibe. - Julieanne “Juel” Salazar

From age 5, Juel would have piano sessions with her father on their Ebony upright, making simple beats, dancing, and writing songs. Her first piano recital was at the age of 9 in front of hundreds of people. By age 13 she was a professional jazz dancer, taught tap dance to toddlers, and was a featured singer in her parent’s Top 40/Jazz Band. Members of the band consisted of her Father -Drummer, Mother -Lead Singer, Guitar Bass player- Chewy (her God Dad), Bass Player-Bobbie her uncle, Keyboard-(member was a friend of the family), and Sax- (member a friend of the family). The practices continued after the passing of her Great Uncle Eddie Cono the Famous Pianist who died of cancer. By the age of 16 Juel had developed her band with a few friends, and was professionally modeling at several department stores to the Cat Walk on the Runway! By the age of 17 Juel was offered an Elite magazine contract in Europe she turned down to stay home and raise her Son. She continued in the Entertainment / Music industry modeling for Independent Clothing Stores and clothing lines and Singing with upcoming Artists and Bands. By the age of 28 Juel revamped her goals within the music/entertainment Business and started to build a network throughout the industry, as the industry started to change. At the end of 2012, the Music Industry had made 360 changes in providing more opportunities for Indie and underground artists than ever before. In 2007 she began working with many talented artists, assisting them with their goals. By early 2008 she Developed and Published Juel’s of Rome. “I have had the pleasure of working with many phenomenal industry executives and also representing the Music / Ent top brands who are known for assisting in building and/or breaking a slue of talents, and brands. Music Changing Lives, Street Motivation Magazine, Rated Next Radio (CEO CoolV or Mr. Vibez aka “Mr. Official Whistle” pka “Kieth Robinson”), Dj Charlie Cinco (CEO of The Aux Connect), Brandon Clark, Sean Healy, M4 Events, Viral Media Boost & Music Funding program (CEO Chris Tyson), Viral Boyz LA, Club Siccs Hollywood productions (CEO Lil Sicc), Bravestone Records, Genius Minds Entertainment (Founder & CEO QDaPlug), along with many many more.

I am extremely blessed and grateful to be a part of so many journeys eternally, and in the representation of individual talents, to the corporate brands.” - states Juel

It’s gotta be epic, let’s make history today!

In 2018 Juel’s friend/affiliate partner Mia “Mia J” Jefferson and I teamed up and created; Artist Connext, a Network and foundation source of services of everything any brand may need within their journey providing services to indie artists, producers, bands, media company, influencer and more. In representing a Booking agency for over 15 years, a global radio network, a music media marketing company, and much more, Juel decided to create a basic formula to share with all upcoming talents/brands to assist them in building out a Strategic Game Plan to take their brands to the next levels and towards all their milestone goals. Julieanne “Juel” Salazar published her book “The Secret Sauce - Your Engine to Success in the Music Business” in August 2021 the first year anniversary of her mother's passing. Today she and her teams assist every brand big or small with every aspect of assistance they may need within their journey whether PR, MNGT, Branding, Marketing, etc., to assist them on the journey of building their own internal team as they develop into a Well-Known Brand.

“Juel’s of Rome” is an Empire of Gifted Talented individuals entertaining the Communities of the World.


*The history & meaning behind the name: “Juel’s of Rome” In College J.Salazar took up Stage & Set Design and Majored in Interior Design in Junior College. The Study of Western European Architecture & Art was one of her favorite subjects, taking a liking of the Roman Empire – Rome. In Understanding the Mathematical Talent, Intelligence of the Roman Empire in Construction and Society, “Juel” Defines “Rome” in “Juel’s of Rome” as an “Empire”, and the artist “Juel’s” or “Jewels” are the Talented Clients of the Empire.