Anping web wire mesh Co.,LTD have more than 20 years producing stainless steel wire mesh .Our company wire mesh mainly export ,including the US, Australia, France, Russia, Canada, Spain, Japan countries and so on.we produce stainless steel wire mesh ,copper wire mesh ,stainless steel mesh panel,fence netting,filter wire mesh ,stainless steel wire , barbecue Grill Netting , welded wire mesh ,battery wire mesh, stainless steel filter wire mesh,gas-liquid filter wire mesh ,stainless steel crimped wire mesh. In the same profession, produces the high quality wire mesh productions as the enterprise foundation.After several years practice and experience, we regard understanding ability , organizing ability as the enterprise development foundation , improving products quality , developing and studiying the new product as development direction, creating the world brand as development goal.
Our company wire mesh product widely used in mining, food processing , agriculture, chemical ,building, filter industry etc.
  We have the specialized production equipment and the specialized technical staff
We have cognitive capacity, understanding ability ,and organizing ability
We have the advanced managerial experience, production process and quality control method.