The mission of the Shamanic Arts Center is to provide sacred space, promotion & support to traveling shamans as well as to shamanic artists and practitioners who are presenting programs, ceremonies, & art that foster human health and connection to our beloved Pachamama – Grandmother Earth and all the beings who live here.

The Shamanic Arts Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado hosts the annual Traveling Shamans Camp as well as a Patrons Only monthly salon called Encounters of the Shamanic Kind. The Shamanic Arts Center also serves as a liaison between host communities and  guest programs featuring traveling artists, shamans or wisdom teachers. Wisdom teachers, shamanic artists & practitioners are invited to list their services and events in the shamanic network directory at ShamanicArts.Center . In addition, the website serves as an outlet for Talk Story Media, a social media channel that features interviews with shamans, shamanic artists and practitioners.