Jupiter Systems, Inc. (JSI) has thirty years of industry experience in software development, consulting, and deployment, specializing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for manufacturing and distribution companies. JSI is the developer of the Enterprise Resource Information and Control System (ERIC System) which integrates financial, distribution, manufacturing and personnel applications. JSI has a team of professionals involved in direct support of the ERIC software. Services include applications consulting and business process change, requirement analysis, modifications to the standard ERIC system, and custom development systems.

The Enterprise Resource Information and Control (ERIC) System is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that provides a comprehensive array of applications for manufacturing, distribution, financial, and personnel. ERIC automates operational cycles and minimizes clerical tasks, transforming organizations into a well-orchestrated and more cohesive enterprise.

ERIC integrates key areas of the enterprise, enabling user to respond to ever-increasing changes in customer supply environments. ERIC transfers the focus of the enterprise from day-to-day administrative burden to customer centered efficient response. ERIC’s enterprise-wide integration enables key decision makers to be enterprise-aware on a day-to-day basis for better-informed decisions.

Jupiter further developed the front solution for automotive dealerships which is called Dealer Management System or ERIC DMS.  Main features of ERIC DMS on top of the core ERP are the Customer Relations Management, the Vehicle Sales & Administration and Service Management modules.