Jusani - a coined word for the law and legal term, Jus Animalium. "the idea that the most basic interests of non-human animals should be afforded the same consideration as the similar interests of human beings." -uslegal.com

Jusani Culture was born out of the founder’s strong desire to help animal centers educate Americans about pet care, pet responsibility and respect for companion animals. What started out as a line of organic tees has now become a lifestyle brand that provides funding for the millions of unwanted pets in America that enter shelter doors every year so they may have a greater chance of finding a new home. Each quarter a deserving shelter is chosen to receive monies raised from every sale helping them provide food, medication, supplies and training for their animals, as well as programs that educate the public.

Jusani Culture IS for the intellectual achiever who takes action to see the
change she wants in her world, this is her song:

She is bold, strong and fascinating from soup to nuts, one who is close to all products
of the Earth. A lovey-dovey, young at heart and high-spirited believer running to the
tune of an Indie Rock act way above modern consumer culture’s emphasis on relying
on others. Her soul lies beneath the shade of an oak as old as time, wearing flip-flops
with her best friend of four legs enjoying a moment while on an adventure called life.

Jusani Culture began in 2009 selling a few organic tees through it’s online
store. It is evolving into a lifestlye brand that focuses on the uniqeness
of our customers love for items that mean more to them then just good
design. That they may create change by investing in a future of good.

We will continue to add more clothing and eventually begin to include
accessories, gifts, decor, distinct articles and fun oddities all exclusively
picked out from our talented Buyers.