Just A Van Mobile Market is doing more than changing the way consumers shop this company can change lives. Giving the opportunity to anyone with interest to become there own boss operating an grocery delivery site. Not many businesses give away their game plans to other. Why not just franchise your business and make profit from revenue generated from franchisees?

Why not? Be a blessing to others. As the CEO the goal is to take this company to the next level from local to a national market.  I wish I could say I was a millionaire on the way but not yet I'm only 2 years into the business. So, to travel to every metropolitan area in the lower 48 states would be impossible for me at the current moment. How can you test the water with out getting your feet wet?

One night I was sitting with my wife watching a food show and they did a special about mobile food services. During the program they interviewed a grocery delivery owner who stated he pay over 200 people to shop and perform deliveries for him. It was stated most drivers earned $30 per hour. Now if they could pay drivers $30 per hour how much more was they making? Check the numbers on our marketing page you will see we show other operators how to perform this task alone with no middle man.

What does a company gain from giving away there business plans? Maybe we are taking a big risk as a company by creating our own competition that could grow to be bigger than we are. After one year our goal is to make an offer to every operator to become an Just A Van franchisee and make them rich. For those that decline offer best of luck of to them. No hard feelings if they ever need any tips or help with their business I will still be there to help. We can all grow together, I see no need to be greedy.

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This is not an MLM program, get rich scheme, scam or any other fraudulent act.
Real business opportunity working from home. Grocery delivery business, your own web site.


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