Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument but you can never find the time?
Have you taken music lessons in the past but become frustrated and quit?
Would you like to learn an instrument but you simply don't have the time or money for private lessons?
Would you like to simply learn to play for your own personal enjoyment?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then a Just ONCE class is just for you! Our seminars are designed to help absolute beginners get started on playing the piano or guitar . Many people today would like to learn to play an instrument but they just want to learn to play for their own enjoyment. They want to have fun playing songs they are familiar with and they are not at all interested in going through a lengthy, expensive process to get to this simple goal. For other people signing up for a weekly class is just not possible given their busy lifestyle.

Fortunately there IS an easier way!
Just ONCE Classes are ONE TIME seminars designed for busy people. Each class introduces students to the topic of their interest and then a workbook and companion DVD or CD is taken home by each student for continued study and development at home. All the material covered in each class is also covered again in the workbook and students are also able to follow along and learn with a practice CD or DVD. Everyone does not learn at the same pace and everyone's schedule is not the same either. With this approach students can learn at their own pace and fit this into their own time frame, whatever that may be. With our specially prepared materials it's just like taking your instructor home with you (and the nice thing is, he doesn't eat anything).

Our classes are sometimes lecture/demonstration and sometimes hands on depending on the topic. In any case, the learning environment is very non-threatening because almost all of the students who attend are just as new to the topic as you are. Some students get everything they need from attending the class and others take advantage of additional educational materials to help them go on to a more advanced level.

Each class is sponsored by a college or recreation program and you will need to call them directly to register before the class.    To find a class near you simply click on Enroll and you will be able to see the schedules of instructors who teach these classes in your area.

If you have always dreamed of playing an instrument but gave up on the idea because of a bad experience in the past, we really encourage you to give this another try.  You'll be surprised at who you will see attending our classes with you (we have students of all different ages and backgrounds who attend our classes).