What I will do for you ...
Prepare a killer resume focused on your future goals; completed within a 24 hour turnaround.
Reduce your job search time up to 75% as you land interviews for higher quality of jobs.
Create a personal Career Marketing Campaign focused on your career goals.
Maximize your network building skills as you learn to tap into the unadvertised job market.
Increase your negotiating skills and receive OFFERS for the salary you really deserve!
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Your Resume Writer
Kim Marino is Founder of JustResumesUSA.com.  Experienced with over 25 years as a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach, Kim Marino is nationally published author of 6 resume career books available in bookstores and online today.  Kim has been invited to speak as a resume subject matter expert on national television and featured on 26 city radio author tours nationwide.

Kim Marino  is an inspirational speaker on the topic of Positive Thinking.  Her Career Coaching brings a high level of success to her clients since 1984. Her coaching ability is unparalleled along with the best in the industry. She helps recent graduates through executive management with a keen eye, lightning sharp vision and focus with inspiration that helps each client realize their full potential.

Are you in career transition, experiencing any of the following situations?

Are you ready to reach the next level in your career? Not sure how to make the transition?
Do you need a better focus to move forward in your career after a recent downsizing?
Do you desire to make a lateral career change? Maybe to a different industry, or, you're a business owner wanting to be employed with another company?
Are you transitioning to a civilian job after serving in the Military?
Are you NOT getting interviews? Or, are the interviews and OFFERS you're getting, not for the QUALITY of job or salary you know you're WORTH?

If the answer is YES, you may want to consider if a professionally written resume is for you.  
If you're in career transition and would like a killer resume to land the interviews for the jobs you deserve and/or if working with an Executive Career Coach is for you, just think ... when you hear others address concerns about their job, you can be the one to say "Hey, I've got a coach! Call my coach!"

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