JustStuck - 1st Mobile App that connects people that are stuck and need help immediately with experts who can help them.

Please go to www.juststuck.com, review our explainer video and sign up for our free software beta release.

For any media related, speaking or investor questions please reach out to Michael Bertoni, SVP of Business Development, JustStuck, mbertoni@juststuck.com


- Alan Witty (Co-Founder and CEO)

Alan has 25 years of experience in the information technology industry as both an operational manager and management and information systems consultant. His expertise includes marketing, business management, business strategy and information security.

- Charles Parker (Co-Founder & CTO)

Charles is a trained physicist, educator, and software developer. After receiving his B.Sc. in Engineering Physics from the Colorado School of Mines (CSM) in 2012, he went on to develop HDD firmware with Seagate Technology.

- Michael Bertoni (SVP of Business Development)

Michael has 20 years of experience in the information technology industry as business development executive and technologist. His experience includes sales, marketing, social selling, software and technology development. He is currently Founder and CTO of PhillyTech where he specializes in working with software companies, technology firms and tech startups in three core areas – People, Product and Profitability.

What is JustStuck?

An App and marketplace that connects people who are stuck on a project with people who can help them.

The JustStuck Mobile App is Simple and Easy to Use:

- Download the JustStuck mobile app.
- Tell JustStuck where you need help from an expert.
- Search through rated experts, become an expert or both.
- Immediately connect with experts that can help you with your project.

Life can seem like a never ending series of projects and tasks. Replacing a garbage disposal, fixing your bike as Spring comes around or that daunting calculus paper. Sometimes these breeze by and sometimes we get stuck. To get unstuck we head to search engines, online videos, blogs and discussion boards. That 10 minute task becomes a long and tedious research effort. Yet for every task or project there is a person somewhere who has done it hundreds of times. They have the knowledge and expertise that make that looming research effort into a quick 10 or 20 minutes of help.

JustStuck’s goal is to put together people who need help with experts who can help them. If you are stuck for a small fee you can get the help you need. If are an expert on one or a series of topics you can use JustStuck to earn a little extra income or build yourself a do it yourself (DIY), knowledge sharing or micro worker business.

The process is simple.

- Download the App.
- Register and let us know if you are a user, expert or both.
- If you are a expert tell us about your expertise and skills and what you would charge someone.
- If you need help simply let us know what you need.
- We will tell you who can help you and what they charge. Better yet, how they are ranked.
- Once you make a choice your expert will get a text message and through the App you can connect and show them your problem and they can walk you through a solution.
- Once you are done simply close the interaction and you will be only billed for the time spent. We will take care of paying your expert.
JustStuck. The Help You Need When You Need It!

Please go to www.juststuck.com, review our explainer video and sign up for our free software beta release.

Who uses JustStuck?

The value of JustStuck is very easy to understand. Users of the mobile app will have immediate access to experts that can help them when they are stuck doing something themselves and experts can make money helping users from home or on the road.

Our goal is to get a minimum of 2000 signups including experts and users for our Free Beta Software Release.

JustStuck is looking for users in the North America and anywhere where someone is stuck and needs help.

We are looking for experts in these categories and others:

Academic (Math, English, Writing, SAT)
Dining Room
Living Room
Game Room
Rec Room
Green projects (ie. Solar)
Home Office
Exterior Remodeling
Health & Fitness

Please go to www.juststuck.com, review our explainer video and sign up for our free software beta release.