B.I.G. utilizes face-to-face community meetings led by local leaders, a state-of-the-art interactive website and monthly teleconferences to provide intelligent women a positive and educational support network, where they can advance their ideas, explore their passions and build productive and successful businesses.  


What is B.I.G?
B.I.G. is a community based support group that provides relevant business information, peer support and motivation to educated women currently out of the workforce who desire personal and professional fulfillment by making economic contributions through employment or entrepreneurial pursuits.

The B.I.G. Idea
Utilizing a unique combination of modern day social media tools with old-fashioned, face-to-face local community gatherings, B.I.G. enables women once inactive in the job market to become motivated, entrepreneurial, active employment seekers.  Prior to becoming B.I.G members, these women were once likely to dismiss potential business opportunities as soon as they encountered an obstacle.  Now, with up-to-date business information and a supportive, local and national community of their peers, they gain the confidence to pursue their business dreams.

Our Difference
B.I.G. members have access to networking resources in a face-to-face environment via monthly meetings and through a web-based national community.  B.I.G. provides women who are interested in returning to the workforce with the steps and resources they need to realize their goal.  

The magic of B.I.G. comes from the cumulative power that occurs when women with a common purpose come together in a supportive environment, to share their ideas, information and resources.  

You determine your path. You may want to take time to percolate and test your business ideas over the next few months with the women in your community.  Or perhaps you’re ready to jump into action.  Whatever your pace, B.I.G. will help you move forward.

Membership Includes:
•     Use of the www.justthinkbig.us website which provides information about starting and running a business, the ability to connect with like-minded women, access to local job boards and more
•     Themed monthly meetings to learn more about entrepreneurship (where available)
•     Quarterly newsletters
•     Teleconference seminars on business subjects
•     Networking events in your local community
•     Ongoing workshops, and webinars on different aspects of running a business
•     Membership discounts and promotions