Meet Generation Z, the generation after Millennials, the seemingly unidentifiable generation of current teenagers: sought after as customers and misunderstood as people. Understanding teens is posing a growing challenge to companies, non-profits, and brands everywhere.

JÜV Consulting provides current, curated, and creative solutions to that challenge.


We are a diverse and interwoven network of teenagers dedicated to giving ourselves a voice in the business world.

This is your inside look into the inner-workings of the youth demographic - the way we think, speak, and live - all crucial indicators of how likely we are to like your brand, follow your social media accounts, or buy your products.

We are not proclaimed “teen experts”. We are something far simpler, yet far more profound - we are teens. There is no other company out on the market that understands the teenage demographic in the authentic way that we do - real teenagers with real understandings for real solutions.

JÜV has created this platform to give voice to those responsible for the viral.

Our services are customizable by nature as we seek to craft consulting services that fit each client’s unique needs. Our capital lies within our people — our consultants. We provide feedback reports, create social media plans, formulate focus groups, implement brand ambassadors, and collaborate with clients to promote youth engagement within their endeavors.

JÜV is your opportunity to not only understand the increasingly changing and complex demographic of teenagers, but also appeal to their market through the most fundamental tactic possible — primary sources.

Rejüvenate your perspectives of the teenage demographic to rejüvenate your brand.