JVED Publishing (aka JVED Books) is a publisher of books related to health and healing, Bible studies, Energy, and Entrepreneurial activities.

The most recent books published are focused on the 50-years of alternative health practices by the author, Edward G. Palmer. "The Doctor's Death Diagnosis" was published in October 2022 and a companion book titled "God And Healing" was published in 2021. Prior to 2021, books published were focused on religious issues and Bible teachings.

A list of books and other writings can be found at http://www.jvedpublishing.org. The author of the books has an author website and can be found at http://www.edwardgpalmer.com. Individual websites for each book exist. The Doctor's Death Diagnosis book can be found online at http://www.thedoctorsdeathdiagnosis.com. Links to purchase eBooks, pdfs, and print editions are at the book website and on the publsiher's websites at www.jvedpublishing.org.