K9 Clean is a 4 liter (1 gallon) bag with a 1.8 meter (6 ft.) hose with an on/off valve, it also has a unique hanger that you can use to hang from your vehicle, fence, or other objects. Use K9 Clean to shower off the dirt, mud, and sand your dog picks up after exercising keeping your vehicle, house, and furniture clean. Just fill the bag with hot water before your walk and by the time you get back your dog(s) will enjoy a warm water rinse. K9 Clean can be used for many other purposes such as rinsing off the mud  and dirt from your footwear or use at the beach to shower away the sand from your family's feet, sandals, or flip-flops! Our bag is durable, made with 3 layers of laminated plastic and is BPA free. Check out our website for other uses and product information at www.portablepetshower.com or www.k9clean.com