Rabbi Azulai is a descendent of a family whose genealogy goes back to holy rabbi Abraham Azulai, author of the book Grace to god. In 1977, the rabbi immigrated to Israel.
During that year, he got married and set up a magnificence family. After the wedding, the rabbi moved to the Colel community where he gave lectures and lessons.
At a very young age, the rabbi became a student of the Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Elizur who noticed rabbi Azulai's grace and decided to take him under his command.

During that time, rabbi Azulai learned the different Mystical Teachings that deal with the ideas of creation and concepts of the Kabala. When rabbi Yehuda Elizur passed away, rabbi Azulai continued his studies of the kabala under the supervision of the holy rabbi Moshe Cordova and rabbi Moshe Zakota. Since, rabbi Azulai has been practicing the numerologic study of the Bible and sacred texts. While doing so, rabbi Azulai has helped many people and saved many souls.

The rabbi asserts that he is being possessed by mystical powers such as the ability to “connect with the world of truth”. The rabbi describes this ability as a unique gift that only few people possess. Throughout the years, this special gift has served him in assisting different people whom among is the highly respected Abu-Hatseira family. The rabbi even had the opportunity to make a special talisman to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef- "The First to Zion", who, as a token of appreciation, handed a copy of his first book "Will Make an Opinion" to Rabbi Azulai.

After 30 years of practicing the Kabbalah and writing numerous talismans, Rabbi Azulai was able to craft a special cup that holds all the secretes to the Kabbalah. The Cup consists of kabbalists names engraved inside it and is made of pure silver from the outside and plated gold from the inside. Once the cup is engraved, it is then dipped in holy water to complete the purification process.

The cup works especially well for curing illness and helps to protect your health. All you need to do is to fill the cup full with any type of drink that you wish and drink it. You will feel better in a mater of days.

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