KAiKU Music Glove is a product developed by Taction Enterprises which was founded in 2016. Throughout Taction’s research phase they found positive data supporting fast learning rates with music students who had limited experience with music education.

KAiKU Music Glove is a new wearable musical glove, that has the user play music by touching sensors on the palm of their hand.

We pride ourselves on providing a unique music experience to our customers. Whether you are a music producer, teacher, student or a competitive to casual gamer, we have a musical product for you.

The foundation of Taction Enterprises is built on the evolution of tactile or haptic technology.

By embracing our analog sense of touch that is naturally built into our hands, especially in our fingertips, we can revolutionize the way we receive information, interact with complex technology and enhance the way we connect to the world and with one another.

With our patented technology we have the ability to become the world leader in smart clothing and tactile devices, systems and applications.

Electrically conductive surfaces act as touch sensors with wires connected to an electronic micro controller unit.

​A capacitive touch sensor responds to the proximity and touch of a conductor such as the human body, usually a fingertip.

​The smart software algorithm processes the signal and forwards it wirelessly.