Nepal Tourism Package has announced the availability of budgeted, memorable and Spiritual Kailash helicopter Tour (10 Days) Helicopter for just $3400 only with unparalleled service and dedication for its Pilgrims who aim at devotion and salvation as prime aim of the Yatra.

Special Promotion and launch on this Magh Puranmashi/ 25th December 2015 we are launching the auspicious package of Kailash Mansarover 2016 for the devotees of Lord Shiva operated by Helicopter and Overland mode of transport combined with the comfortable stay and Vegetarian food. The tour management meets the Pilgrim requirement and caters to the diverse interest and mindset. Our Complete focus is on the concept and aim of the Yatra i.e., spiritual so we begin our Yatra by visiting the Pashupatinath Shrine and thereafter proceed uphill passing through beautiful  terrains with varied landscapes and auras of mother nature.


The Yatra is usually scheduled between May to September and follow the same path as guided by the Chinese authorities via Kathmandu (Nepal ) i.e., Kathmandu to Nepalganj –simikot – Taklakot /Purang, Mansarover Lake, Darchan, Dirapuk, Dolma Pass – Zuthulpuk and back. On Nineth day usually we reach Kathmandu by late evening and thereafter precede for home or onward travel managements if any on the tenth day after completing the Holy Yatra with the “Kailashi Pride”.

Usually this route has a comfortable stay in resorts and hotels with better management of Hygiene and flight arrangements and authentic food to match your palate and altitude needs. We would suggest and request our pilgrims to drink ample amount of water and do intake some munching at small intervals in order to avoid any sickness and dizziness. At the base i.e., Kathmandu – Nepalganj -Simikot – Hilsa good facilities are provided but during the Kailash Parikrama accommodation is very basic and seasonal only.

The Yatra has two Parikrama where as one is Mansarover i.e., conducted by the Eco coaches and other is Kailash the same is conducted by food or optional Yak/Pony are available on direct payments. We send our dedicated staff with the Yatra as Guide/Team Manager to look after and manage the Group Managements with service and ensure best of the service with proficiency, quality and promptness.


The company ensures to make the Yatra a memorable experience and cleansed soul. We even conduct thematic tours as well with various devotional and rebalancing themes in order to ensure that our client gets various perspectives and interest – like OM Chanting Tour in May 2016, Rebalancing Yoga and Meditation tour Aug 2016 and other themes.

For more details please register with us online: www.nepaltourism.net or email us on info@nepaltourism.net or call us on 09810098099 or 09313347746, there are various extensions also available with Pilgrimage motive like Muktinath Yatra, Manokamna, Janakpur, Changu Narayan.