Nipun Anand is the director at Zeal Global Services, a Delhi-based cargo firm with rich experience in the GSSA Cargo business. Zeal Global offers a host of extensive services to its partnered airlines which include the sales, marketing, and distribution. Headquartered at the Delhi Airport, Zeal Global Services has been single-handedly responsible for establishing a number of international airlines across India.

Nipun is a marketing and business management graduate from the University of Bradford and has six years of experience in the Air Cargo Industry. By putting his marketing and management acumen to use he has, in a very short span of time, been responsible for exponential growth in Air Cargo and other business verticals under the group. Right from handling the Airline Business & PR to financial decision making, Nipun has proved his mettle by donning multiple hats.

On the 19th of April, on the occasion of Global Convention of NRIs, hosted for delegates in the house of Lord’s London, UK, Nipun was conferred with the prestigious “Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Awards 2018”. Nipun is dynamic and forward-thinking, with a keen understanding of business environments and a strong hand in organizing and managing intricate systems.

Speaking with Nipun about the business, his drives and inspirations, what makes him tick, gave us an insight and understanding into what he and his brand truly represent, which is uncompromising quality and a religious adherence to protocols and standards and practices . Here he shares his wisdom on the current state of industry affairs and trends, the challenges one faces in this industry and valuable advice on how to make it big in the GSSA cargo business.
Q1- What do you think about the current GSSA cargo business in India? And where do you see it going in the coming years?

A- The GSSA cargo business in India is on the rise and is immensely thriving. It’s because the Indian market is being looked at as one of the largest in the world and the most rapidly growing. Many international airlines are today seeking GSA representatives instead of having their own airline office. In the next coming years, I envision, with the rise in the Indian GDP and economy and subsequent purchasing power of Indian customers, that these global airlines will be vying to grab all kinds of passenger traffic originating from the India territory.

Q2- What are the major challenges that you face in your line of business?

A- This business is plagued with a series of problems and challenges like any other business, but the biggest one that we at least, as a company, especially focus on is maintaining pristine standards and proper procedures. Our international clients are very demanding and they expect nothing but the best. So it’s incumbent upon us to meet those high expectations by making our services meet the global standards and make our client’s never feel like we, in any way, lack or fall short of the standards and practices they themselves follow to the T.

Q2- What does it take to handle a business of that magnitude?

I would say gumption; the sheer tenacity to handle it. You can’t work international airlines if you don’t have the stomach to meet their meticulous and uncompromising standards and I admit, that can be daunting at times. Another quality that takes you far would be attention to detail and being smart and diligent in meeting deadlines. The business requires mulling through and expediting a lot of approvals and clearances with airport facilities, customs and other vested parties, so one has to be pro-active, organized, systematic and time efficient.

Q3- Who are the ones who have inspired you both professionally, and personally?

Professionally, my father, Mr. Panna Anand has been a huge influence on me. He has practically taught me everything I know about business and life, in general. His immense experience and insight into different verticals and industries, not limited to airlines, have been instrumental in my growth and development as an entrepreneur. I always look up to him and endeavor to take his legacy further than he could’ve imagined. Other than that there are many others, my mother, friends, associates, colleagues that should not go unmentioned as they have shaped my world views and competencies. They make me who I am and I’m eternally grateful for having them in every small and large way, they have impacted my life.

Q4- What major advice would you give to someone who wishes to enter the GSSA business as of today?

The GSSA business is all about moving forward and having your eyes fixated on long term goals and achievements. It’s an exciting, challenging and future oriented business that demands a lot of effort, time and patience on your part and the key advice I have for people wishing to enter into it would be to keep a cool head, an ear to the ground and plan rigorously.