Kaiser 2012 is the campaign for the election of Nick Kaiser for President. Mr. Kaiser is a former priest and humorist, promising an independent and secular run for the White House.
He is also the first openly gay independent candidate for the office of President.

His platform includes sweeping reforms to elections, including ending the Electoral College and instituting term limits for elected offices at the Federal  level. Overturning Obama Care in favor of government run-health care, with no out-of-pocket cost for most doctor visits and procedures, with private-pay options for those who opt out. His immigration policy would allow illegals wishing to apply for citizenship to stay and allow for no new legal immigration untill the unemployment level falls below 4 percent.

Perhaps his tax plan will recieve the most notice. He is calling to replace current tax code with a flat tax plan on businesses and individuals. Every dollar in income will be taxed, with no deductions, exemptions or credits.

Nick Kaiser is plainspoken and deliberate with his words. He is a rarity in American politics today unafraid to  offer yes or no in an answer to your questions. He is proud of his working class upraising and the only the candidate of note who is not a millionaire.