The right tool makes all the difference; and at Kai USA, we make all the right tools. Whether it's a razor-sharp pocketknife that’s ready when you need it, a sporting knife you can count on, a professional knife with save-your-life reliability, or a kitchen knife that makes every kitchen task easier, you’ll find the right tools, right here.

Our Vision

The way we see it, our task is to make the world’s best knives—and then to make them available to you. It’s a simple vision, yet to achieve it isn’t simple at all. There are thousands of individual steps in the process that takes a knife from the initial concept in a design engineer’s head to being ready for you to purchase in-store or online. So we pay attention to every step along the way. We build our knives using state-of-the-art technology, extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, and the genuine craftsmanship of real human beings. We test. We inspect. We make the edges very, very sharp. Then we back all Kai USA products with our rock-solid warranties.

Kershaw Knives

For almost 40 years, Kershaw has been making knives that our customers are proud to own, carry, and use. From pocketknives and work knives to a wide range of outdoor sporting knives, we bring you the right knife for every job. Kershaw is famous for our SpeedSafe® assisted opening system, for the precision fit and finish of our knives, and for our innovative designs and technology.

Zero Tolerance Knives

Designed and manufactured to stand up to heavy-duty use, Zero Tolerance Knives are built of premium materials such as S30V, ELMAX, or 154CM blade steel and 3-D machined G-10 handle scales. The knives have earned a reputation among their devoted fans for being “built like a tank” or “a real beast” or even being—proudly—“overbuilt.”

Shun Cutlery

Shun (pronounced “Shoon”) is Japanese for “at the peak of perfection.” Shun Cutlery, handcrafted in Japan by the artisans of the Kai Corporation, lives up to that tradition every day, making fine kitchen knives that are always at the peak of their perfection, too. We are dedicated to the pursuit of perfection because we believe that using knives at their peak is sure to inspire your cooking to new heights as well.

Kai Housewares

Kai USA is also your source for kitchen and housewares products from the Kai Group, Japan. Kai products include the Pure Komachi 2 line of kitchen knives that brings brilliant colors and sharp performance to your kitchen, the Wasabi Black line of cutlery, which offers a beautiful selection of Eastern and Western blade shapes, and the Kai Select 100 collection of handy kitchen tools. Kai products are designed for beauty, function, and ease of use.

Kai USA Ltd. is part of the Kai Group, a more than 100-year-old company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The Kai Group provides over 10,000 products worldwide, ranging from housewares and fine cutlery to beauty care products and medical supplies.