Kaldeera is a global company which offers a technological proposal with a high added value to the SharePoint platform.

Kaldeera Tools has been developed within a large multinational with a wide knowledge of SharePoint world and supported by a major I+D+i department. This condition makes Kaldeera Tools the most flexible and easy to integrate on the market.

Its vocation for the client, has brought Kaldeera to develop solutions which adapt to their users specific needs and are focused to solve specific challenges in each case. Kaldeera Tools adds great flexibility to the SharePoint dynamic. Moreover, it contributes directly to improve the developments productivity margins, all of these with an investement without competition in the sector.

Kaldeera Tools is nowadays the most innovative set of tools for SharePoint in the market and it has been developed to improve SharePoint management, achiving high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Kaldeera Tools are installed in more than 100 companies in the US, Europe and Latin America.

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