Kalengo, LLC., Launches Powerful Internet-Based Portfolio Analysis, Investment Decision-Making Tools and Curated Financial Intelligence for the Individual Investor.  

Designed to meet the needs of savvy and novice investors alike, Kalengo (http://www.kalengo.com) aims to empower its users by delivering  a highly personalized, interactive suit of institutional-quality portfolio management tools over the Internet. Easy to use and easy to understand, Kalengo succeeds in delivering modern finance theory and the concept of diversification, optimization, risk-adjusted return combined with social investing.

Site Features Distinguishing Kalengo in the Emerging Sector of Online Investment Decision-Makeing and Advice:
* Institutional-quality Analysis Tools of Portfolio and Assets
• Optimize your portfolio to maximize your expected return without taking on additional risk
• monitor your portfolio's style and risk compared with the benchmark
• analyze, watch specific asset
* Curated Financial Intelligence, including news, blogs, commentaries
• Monitor how news move the market as well as your stock
• Gauge market sentiment from blogs
* Wisdom of the Masses and Displaying of Yourself in Investment Community
• Evaluate your performance and observe the top players' behavior  

Across the financial service industry, from brokerage to insurance to pension funds, consumers are being called upon to take an increasingly active role in the management of their investment. In spite of the increasing decision-making power the consumers have been give, however, the abduance of information both on and offline, makes the investors poorly equip with the time and energy to effectively manage their investment. "Through personalization, Kalengo is able to make the often abstract concept of finance and portfolio management much more meaningful to the investors." said Tony Zhang, the founder and CEO of Kalengo.

Kalengo's core professionals have previously worked for major Wall Street frims and large technology companies including Morgan Stanley, Merril Lynch. They bring together significant knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of active portfolio management, enterprise web consultaing and developement, financial engineering, risk management, and strategic marketing and consulting.

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