Kambio Inc. is proud to announce a new auto and oil maintenance service that will disrupt a more than 50-year old industry that has remained constant and has never been challenged – until now. Rather than scheduling an appointment and spending valuable time in a car dealership or mechanic waiting room, Kambio’s crew of certified service providers offer on location auto maintenance and oil change services at your home, office or wherever you keep your vehicle.

“We are making a change to an industry that has been stagnant for more than half a century,” says Peter B. Atam, Founder and President of Kambio. “We live in an extremely busy world and we respect your desire to eliminate some of life’s hassles. We created Kambio to provide a service that is convenient for you, saves you time, and more importantly saves you money.”
How does Kambio do all of this?

Kambio’s certified and trained maintenance crews can provide guaranteed on-the-spot services including:

•     Warranty-Approved Oil Changes (100% oil spill free service using the latest outfitted technology, oversized oil pans and special spill kits in the rare instance that a spill should occur)
•     Waterless Car Wash
•     Light Auto Maintenance (For example, wiper blade, light bulb or air filter changes)
•     Tire Services (rotations and seasonal changes, and “hoteling” of tires in a secure and climate controlled facility so you don’t have to waist time with storage)

The convenience is the location. You book the time, you name the location and Kambio does the rest. Not only will Kambio come to your location, but we’ll cut the service time in about half of what dealerships offer allowing you to stay at work, play a round of golf or generally continue your life with little or no disruptions.

You can “continue to do what you love, while we do the same.”

About Kambio
Kambio Inc. (the Latin word Cambio means “change”) was founded by Peter B. Atam, CEO and President of AIC Group of Companies, which provides capital and support for early stage companies. Kambio’s mission is to be recognized as a fast, cost effective, and hassle-free auto care provider. Kambio partners with brand name oil suppliers and fleet management companies to provide on location auto care.

We are a fully bonded and insured company.