Headquartered in Shah Alam, Malaysia, KAMIRA Event Management is as the title implies, a company which organizes events. It was founded in 2010 by 2 visionaries and close friends -Riaz Shah and Iqhwan Zulfiqar Hamzah. With their exceptional skills and creativity, they decided to bring the company further by doing bigger events with more than 6,000 participants worldwide. KAMIRA Event Management specializes in doing huge outdoor events such as running for charity and cycling events. But as time passes by with experience, the company now has also ventured into organizing seminars, workshops, team buildings, and corporate retreats in order to get the larger corporate market.

Gaining the momentum, Riaz and Iqhwan then has even more plans to drive the company further. However with just 2 heads to plan everything, they can only achieve so much and that is when they decided to bring in apprentices – sharp young minds who have potential to help drive the company further. As of 2014, 3 bright minds – Ezzad Iman, Muhammad Moiz Hamzah, and Hasrol Basri are now part of the leaders behind the driving force of KAMIRA Event Management. With Ezzad’s vast connections with various company leaders, Moiz’s impeccable skills in creative designs and IT admin skills, complimented with Hasrol’s convincing PR communication skills, the future for KAMIRA Event Management has never been brighter.