The intersection of business consulting and serial entrepreneurship is a new ideology gaining ground in start-ups and small business communities. In the United States small businesses don't have "realistic" access to improvement products and services because available resources are designed to only offer advice, sell software, or fix a problem. Many government, state, and local agencies tout vast arrays of critical data, processes, and best practices but don't transfer information effectively. The business owner is responsible to sort through "information overload" and guess on what to do next. Small business owners need successful examples, strong partners, and mentors who focus on their whole business particularly revenue production and value. This market need stimulated the birth of KandH Consulting to bridge the gap between available resources and profitable execution. The company takes a hands-on approach to help start-ups and small businesses drive success with emphasis on people management, process improvement, productivity consulting, and fundamentals without a huge price tag or vague objectives.