At Kangen Water 4U, we are independent distributors of the fenest water ionizers in the industry.  We feature 6 different ionizers that are specifically designed for your individual needs.  We conduct live demonstrations at our corporate office or can schedule you for a live in-home demonstration free of charge.  We will familiarize you with the different properties and benefits that the water provides.  Our flagship model, the SD501, produces 5 types of water: Kangen Drinking Water- ph 8.5-9.5; Beauty Water ph 4.5-6.0 for the skin; Clean Water ph 7.0 for taking prescription medication; Strong Kangen Water- ph 11.5 for cleaning fruits and vegetables and around the house; Strong Acidic Water- ph 2.5 for disinfecting around the house.  The water is created by first passing through a high grade carbon filter to remove the impurities in tap water.  It then passes over seven platinum coated titanium plates that uses 230 watts of electricity to split the water into negatively and positively charged ionic water.  The negatively charged water is alkaline and a very powerful anti-oxidant.  It's molecular structure is changed so that the water is now also clustered in smaller bunches of molecules which makes absorption in the body much easier. The positively charged water is acidic.  Because most of the foods we eat and beverages we drink (soda, gatorade, reverse osmosis water), drinking Kangen Water is essential to regaining good health.  There are many uses for the waters that are produced by our machines that make your household greener and safe from products we use on an everyday basis that contain harmful chemicals.  If you are interested in sampling our water, we offer a free two week trial period to do so.  Home delivery  is available.  We also encourage anyone who is interested in getting more information to attend a free demonstration at our corporate office in Torrance, Ca., or schedule a free in-home demonstration at your convenience.