Kangen Water is a trademarked name for the best alkaline ionized water in the world which is a healthier form of water with significant and beneficial anti-oxidant properties.  Creating Kangen Water starts with a thorough filtration of impurities and then an electrolysis process which separates ordinary water (H20) into two completely separate entities.  One half of the separated water is the positive acidic molecules, while the other half is the negative alkaline molecules. Kangen Water is alkaline water (with a pH of 8.5-9.5) for drinking purposes, while the acidic water (with a pH of 2.5-6.5) is used for topical applications.

The word "Kangen" is Japanese for "Return to Origin," which helps to explain the philosophy behind the alkaline ionized water as it pertains to your body and your health.  The human body needs to maintain balance between acidic and alkaline properties to properly process foods, make repairs, and generally remain in proper balance.  Ingesting too many acidic foods and beverages, most notably carbonated soft drinks, can lower the body's natural pH levels to dangerously acidic levels, which can be a breeding ground for disease. By consuming the alkaline ionized Kangen Water, a person may restore his or her body's proper pH balance and perhaps even become more alkaline, which would be great for anyone's health.

In addition to containing natural anti-oxidants and being high in alkaline, Kangen Water also has smaller water molecule clusters, which makes them more readily absorbed by the body. Ordinary tap water or unprocessed bottled waters have larger water molecule clusters, which tend to pass through the body without reaching individual cells.  Without proper re-hydration, these cells can suffer from a form of cellular dehydration and either die too soon or fail to function efficiently or properly.  Kangen Water has the ability to re-hydrate these cells before they essentially degenerate and helps keep them healthy and working at optimal levels.

Kangen™ Water - The Highest Grade of Alkaline Ionized Water:

Kangen™ water has the strongest antioxidant power of any alkaline ionized water. The Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of Kangen™ water can reach up to -500mV, where most average ionized water reaches only around -150mV.

The difference is significant. As a matter of fact, regular Alkaline Ionized Water units are classified as "home health appliance", while Kangen™ Water units are in the "medical device" classification by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan, which is equivalent to the FDA in the U.S.

Currently, out of 44 companies manufacturing ionized water generators, Only 6 of them make units certified as Kangen™ Water grade.

Enagic not only manufactures ONLY certified Kangen™ Water units, but also its quality is highly considered the best of the best in the industry.

The word "Kangen™" scientifically means "reducing" or "deoxidizing" in Japanese, but it also has more general meanings, such as "renewal" or "restoring". Drinking Kangen™ Water can help "renew" your health and "restore" balance back to your life.

Kangen Water Does Not Cure Anything:

Over the last few years since Enagic's Kangen Water has hit its stride in the U.S. and Canada, it's been a challenge to educate the masses about the way micro-ionized water works in the body. With testimony after testimony proclaiming the changes in people's health, one might presume that the water miraculously "cured" their condition or disease. But this isn't the truth.

The principle behind drinking Kangen micro-clustered, alkaline water is not that it cures, but that it helps the body bring about balance–biological balance otherwise known as homeostasis. This then contributes to a strengthened immune system allowing for the body to correct itself and to fight more effectively against disease. The result is a biological terrain responding to good hydration that makes for better cellular functioning.

Much has been researched and written of electrolyzed structured water which is the scientific term for water that has been micro-ionized by way of electrolysis. Unfortunately for North Americans, very little to no concrete scientific studies on its use as a treatment exists in this country though the opposite is true in Japan where you can find some of the longest living people on earth. It's known in that country that good water, water with strong reduction capability or oxidation reduction potential (ORP) also known as a measurement for anti-oxidants, has significant impact in treating ill people.
A recognized fact is that an adult human's biological make-up is 70% to 75% water. Bearing this in mind, it makes sense that if we can give our bodies the best water available it can provide the most efficient hydration which will keep the internal biological terrain and the cells that take up residence there free of active oxygen [free radicals] and performing at a peak level.