Karel Costa-Armas is a dedicated husband and father of three beautiful children. His successes and setbacks in life in are easily comparable to the struggles most of us are faced with. He possesses a straightforward, “tell it like it is nature” with a heart for motivating others. His direct style of conversation demonstrates true sincerity during adversity. His experiences in the military, police, and in business have taught him lessons he feels he must share with others.

Karel recognizes that everyone has a story to tell. He sincerely believes that anyone can write a book that will help others. All you need is faith and dedication. Karel feels most of us can teach one another many lessons. In the same manner that parents teach their children to avoid certain pitfalls, adults can also show the same compassion and caring by sharing their personal journeys with headships.

By staying strong in his Christian faith, Karel and his family do their best daily to live God's will for their lives. Still on the road to reaching his own milestones, he continues to reach out and help others with their needs. Karel knows that one of the fastest ways to achieve success is to help someone else achieve their goals. For more see www.KarelCosta.com