This is an eBook that has documentation that unfolds part of family's life story.  The family moved from North Carolina to Illinois and beyond.  This is history written in it's truest form.  The letters were written with the only purpose to keep in contact with other family members.  

A family member thought these letters were important enough to keep them in the family.  The house was sold, and the letters were found in an old trunk by the new owners.  I received the letters in 1990 to look them over and possibly write about them.  I transcribed the letters and the information sat in an envelope until going through paperwork when selling my home in the summer of 2012.  

When I found the transcribed letters, I updated information and wrote an eBook to share these treasures.  These letters are priceless, they are informative and written in truth.

Anyone who likes history will love this little eBook.