Growing up overseas on the mission field and moving often taught me to appreciate new cultures and gave me empathy towards other's in lesser circumstances. Having relocated many times in my life, I learned to look for the positive lessons that life teaches.
My book, Big Changes For Little Bugs was written to teach children how to look for the positive in life, even though their surroundings may have changed.  Adjusting to a new school or a new neighborhood can be difficult, but finding one friend or teacher to help with the adjustment is vital.  Encouraging children to be the friend that a new child needs will teach empathy.
Each of my bug characters learns a new skill after a storm destroys their Butterfly Bush.  Their journey to find a new home teaches each of them a positive and helpful skill. Helping children find the hero inside of themselves is vital to becoming a confident adult. The struggles in life usually brings out the best in us, and children need to see adults learning to go through hard times, but become stronger and more confident. Positivity in tough times is a great lesson for all ages.
As a Professional Home Stager, I help families prepare to move and encourage them to overcome their fears, and find a way to become involved in their community. I also assist Realtors in understanding that moving is one of the most stressful times a family will go through, and my book is a great tool to help with this transition.