Daniel Karpantschof (born 1985) was out and about early!
At age 14 he was, by the secretary of education Margrethe Vestager, appointed member of The Board of Education in Denmark. A few months later then appointed ambassador to the 30th, 31st and 32nd UNESCO General Conference.

At age 15 he sat on the Council of European Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was appointed Secretary General of The Danish Students Government (DEO) and the Executive Bureau of the Organizing Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU).

As he turned 16 he founded Damage Incorporated, a consultancy with a former colleague and was hired to develop new business models for a newly founded service provider for cellular phones (Club Blah Blah/CBB Mobile).

A year later (2002) Damage Inc. was then hired by TDC Internet to do business development for the new internet and gaming portal Boomtown.net along with the Boomtown Cafés.

By the second half of 2002 and for the most of 2003 he was hired by Zentropa to do business and project development and strategies re dramaturgical narratives and creative process (read: college talk for ‘plots’).

In 2003 he was enrolled at Copenhagen Business College’s education for International Business and then skipped a year. It was also in 2003 he attended the 32nd UNESCO General Conference.

He went studying in Melbourne, Australia at RMIT University in 2004 and eventually graduated in 2005. By then he had founded the Ministry of Innovative Storytelling -- a private held ministry to enlighten the public about various issues at hand as well as renting himself out to corporations who wanted to pay him good money for (somewhat) wise words.

Eventually he developed a strategy (that unfortunately was implemented later with another guy to credit -- that sucks) for the newly founded Center for Political Studies on how best to approach the youth and engage them.

He was shortly after nominated to join the National Academy of Futures Studies and immediately elected to the Executive Committee.

In 2006 Karpantschof was hired by The City of Copenhagen to organize and implement research on adolescent drug abusers in the greater Copenhagen area. He then developed ELIJAS-1 (Electronic Information and Journaling System, version 1). At that time he enrolled into the University of Lund, Department of Sociology.

By 2007 he returned to the film industry and worked freelance as a strategist on distribution and financing and later -- for the hell of it -- together with Mouns Overgaard, the production manager, on production of a feature film.

Early 2008 he was asked to join the board of directors at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) -- the worlds largest entity dedicated to 100% independent studies of scenarios, forecasts and strategic foresight.

Later that year he was hired by Natur-Energi, a startup supplying Denmark with 100% clean and sustainable electricity. Karpantschof was hired to do business development and implementation of the sales and support organization.

Late 2008 he proposed to the CEO of CIFS to open a branch in New York, as a subsidiary of CIFS Copenhagen. Karpantschof developed the business plan for this international expansion, where New York was only the starting point.

The project was however cancelled February 2009. Karpantschofs remains on the board of directors at CIFS. Shortly after the CIFS New York project was canned Karpantschof met with Henrik Skovby, the founding partner of Dalberg - Global Development Advisors, and together started D-Days, a non-profit facilitator for investors, NGOs, service providers and development nations.