Kashima Arts was established in 1988 in Kyobashi, Tokyo, a town known as the antique hub in Japan. In the beautiful two story gallery, there are modern and traditional interior setting where you can see the excellent collection of Japanese art.

As a specialist in Japanese art, especially calligraphy and painting, we have been introducing artworks to over 10,000 customers worldwide.
Our clients includes museums, art galleries, and major department stores for their special exhibitions, and private collectors.

We have biannual exclusive sales event, "BISAI SEN", in which we create the luxurious Japanese art catalogue that features about 90 pieces of Japanese master's works. On top, together with BS Fuji, a renowned media in Japan, we launched Japanese art auction MEGURU in 2019,  with a mission to make Japanese art more accessible to everyone and to create a fair trade platform for art owners and buyers.

It is our mission to spread the beauty of the Japanese art globally, and create more Japanese art lovers.