I have recently opened my studio/atelier for public. My own gallery with my own fine art, paintings, installations, and weird art stuff. The studio is situated close to Exeter, Devon, UK. Visits to my studio/gallery can be arranged by appointment only, here is the phone: 00441392833904. You can also email me: just go to the section contact (on the left) and send me an email.
I am a member of the Netherlands Professional Union for Visual Artists (BBK), National Associate for Visual Artist (NABK), Devon Artist Network (UK) and member of "Akant" Society for Poets (PL).
Most of my paintings have been sold to private collectors and to order (approx.  110 works to 54 collectors).  
Beside art I am also very interested in writing. I wrote my first poem at the age of 16, and have never stopped since then. I publish my poems regularly in diverse Polish magazines (including several radio interviews and a few of my own poetry readings).

I am currently writing a book. Its leading heroes are two creatures: Betelgeuse and Mintaka (intelligent aliens), born in the nebula of the constellation of Orion. This literary-fantasy tale is illustrated by me, of course (you can find the illustrations in the fantasy art section) The story contains a multitude of cultural and civilizing forces - well known themes and plots, real as well as imaginary, all mixed together.