We all understand an INCOME GAP. It’s immediate. It has to be dealt with. You cannot ignore it for long.
A RETIREMENT GAP is far more subtle, and potentially far more serious. It could affect your life for 20 to 30 years. A RETIREMENT GAP is the difference between the income you will NEED in retirement and the resources you anticipate you will actually HAVE available when you retire.
First, determine IF you have a Gap. Then, we will explore the potential solutions, including Network Marketing.
Kathi Minsky was faced with this issue herself, at the age of 49, when her income went from $1,000.000 one year to ZERO the next. Her solution; become a Network Marketing Professional.
The Retirement Estimator in Chapter two will help you determine if YOU have a Retirement Gap. It’s the first step in making decisions to resolve both short and long-term issues. If you determine that you have a Gap, the book will explain the option that 15 Million Americans have chosen as the solution to their Income and Retirement Gap, Network Marketing.
Learn the answers to the top-ten most asked questions about Network Marketing and why it is the choice of millions to provide long term retirement income.
If you decide that it might be the solution, learn how to select the right company, products, pay plan and a sponsor that will fit your needs. Then, TAKE THE TEST to see if Network Marketing is right for you and if you are right for Network Marketing.
This book is a “must have” for every serious Network Marketer. But, don’t keep this information to yourself. Share the book with everyone you know who might have an Income or Retirement gap. They will thank you for it, later.