Kathleen Kolze is an author, coach, speaker and facilitator. She has extensive experience with global corporations in the area of talent development, sales, technology and leadership. Her published writing includes What If You Made It Up? The novel is a fun read about how everyone "makes stuff up" for different reasons. It's set in the wilds of Wyoming, with the added bonus to experience life coaching through characters in the story.

Avid readers escape with the heroine, Eva, and her cadre of friends as they figure out their way in life and forge relationships. Executive and life coaches recommend What if You Made It Up? to people who want to understand coaching better while engaged in the adventures of Bear, Wyoming. Book discussion groups find the book unique and thought provoking, with woven plots of mystery, romance and adventure.

When not writing or ballroom dancing, Kathleen works with people to promotes their personal success and growth in client-facing behaviors of presentation, communication and sales – along with being a life and executive coach. She always wants to bring in the question of possibilities for those around her and never tires of being curious about what might be. Kathleen is reachable at kathleen@kathleenkolze.com or through her website www.kathleenkolze.com.