SG-Identity Protection and SG-Computer Backup

Most of us make decisions on price comparisons which is not always right. Many times we assume we have to pay a lot to get a lot. Fortunately, I’ve learned that’s not always the way it is when it comes to protecting our families from identity fraud. During the last few weeks I have been comparing identity theft protection and have discovered that different companies use different methods to protect us. I’ve also learned we should not just focus on protecting ourselves. Our children are becoming more and more susceptible to identity theft. Over the next few post to my blog, I will be breaking down the different ways companies use to help prevent this from happening to you and your family. No company in my research, has even come close to SG Complete for identity protection that will protect your entire family for $5.00 per month. When I talked with them they provided me with a discount code for you to use which knocks that in half for a whole year. I know people who are paying around $10.00 per month for just themselves. Because of my large reach of people through my Newsletters, I receive compensation for everyone that signs up. As a result of my excitement about this find, most all of the information about SG, is now on my new website, check it out! while there check out SG-computer Backup Protection with the same deal available as SG Identity protection. and sign up for my monthly Newsletter. Each week in this blog, I will be discussing the individual parts about SG-Complete that I found to be superior.

By the way, my discount Code is one word HALFOFF no space.  http://www.kathyshares.com