Katie’s Light House has been making high quality colonial reproduction light fixtures since 1983, when Katie herself began hammering out tin trinkets and lanterns in her garage. Since then, Katie has seen her small venture grow to employ 20 people in the small town of Cridersville, Ohio. Our products have grown with us, and now include some of the largest and most glorious wood chandeliers made anywhere in the world. Visit our online store to see our wide variety of wood and tin chandeliers, lamps, outdoor lights, pendant lights, sconces and more, all available in several different finish styles and color combinations. We are confident that you will take as much pride in displaying our lights as we do in making them.

At Katie’s Light House, we craft in a wide variety of styles of varying authenticity representing a continuum between period and modern aesthetics. Our designs range from strict and faithful reproductions of classic colonial artifacts to highly embelished but distinctly colonial designs. On the more conservative extreme, we have our Danbury outdoor lights, as well as our charming tin chandeliers, lanterns, and sconces. Aside from electrification, these pieces differ very little from their colonial-era forebearers. In the middle we have our wood chandeliers, which capture the spirit, style and technique of early American light crafting while taking on proportions more pleasing to the modern eye. Finally, on the more liberal extreme of the authenticity continuum, we have our wood lamps and island lights. These are a truly unique fusion of modern lighting solutions and distinctly colonial design elements, and are among our most popular products.”

Nothing is more important to achieving a truly primitive look than the color and texture of the materials used to build a replica. This is why we have spent so much of our time and energy perfecting our wood and tin finishes. These efforts have culminated in our new Authentique style finishes, which bear all of the marks of an artifact aged by the force of the four seasons. A typical reaction upon seeing one of our Authentique products is an awed gasp followed by the statement, “that looks like something you dug up in an archaeological dig!” While some people might not take this as a complement, we do. It speaks of an item pregnant with character and decorated by Time’s masterful brush.

Whether you need a small light to accent your existing decor or something big that can serve as a unifying centerpiece and decorative inspiration for your entire home, we have what you need. Our line of wood chandeliers includes some of the largest wood chandeliers made anywhere in the world. Our largest chandelier, the Grandaddy Elder, boasts thirty-six arms arranged in four tiers spanning a diameter of almost four feet.