It’s said that a violin, in untrained hands, is just another piece of wood, but in the hands of a master, it can move the world. This is how we feel about rum.  All rum is born in the sugar cane fields, but where it ends its journey, is up to the master distillers and blenders.
At Kavana, we select the highest quality molasses, fermented to perfection, then transformed in copper stills by our master distiller into the crystal clear, undiluted alcohol known as the “mark.”  After meticulous analysis in stainless steel holding tanks, only the best distillations reach the final steps of the process.
To achieve peak levels of depth and complexity, our rum is then aged in charred-oak American bourbon barrels, with added oak chips for exceptional interaction between oak and rum.  After a minimum aging of 2 years or more, the final stage is in the hands of our master blender. As much an art as it is a science, the blending process determines the final taste, aroma, and a finish so smooth, it makes us want to just bottle it up…so we do.