My name is Kay Curtis and I'm a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant. I educate people about the connection between food and health, while teaching good eating habits. I do personal, customized nutrition programs (diet and supplementation plans) for individuals and/or each family member using various assessments that help indicate the potential underlying reason for the condition. I then teach you how to implement your program so you will be successful in facilitating optimal health. I work with you in finding the solutions to making the changes that fit with your lifestyle so you have a real life lifestyle change.

Some Health care practitioners tell you to quit eating sugar, here’s your diet and good luck then send you on your way without really helping you implement the changes in your life. Knowing why and how to change things is actually the hardest part. I know that even determined people with the best intentions need help and guidance to achieve their goals.

Whether it is starting to exercise for just 5 minutes a day, or coming up with a few recipes that help your family eat one vegetable a day, I can help you come up with ideas that make it easier on you to make gradual changes.

Once you feel comfortable with one improvement, we will go on to the next item you feel comfortable about changing in your life. Eventually, every thing you want to improve about your health and lifestyle will be completed in a painless manner- and with my help, it won’t take you twenty years!

My background as an educator for 25 + years is what sets me apart from others.

I address  weight, inflammation and pain, depression, energy/fatigue/ sleep problems, female issues, digestion, anti-aging and poor immune system.