KC Shave Co. is a passion product for men in the health and beauty market (specifically shaving supplies and beard care products).  We are striving to reclaim the way we look. the way we present ourselves, the way we smell, and how we feel about these things from our father's era of living.

We have put together beautifully crafted collections of fine men's products.  Our objective is to give an incredible awakening experience to how men's products should be while putting sophisticated world-class products in their hands.  Men have experienced years of birthday's, weddings with groomsmen gifts, Christmas and Father's Day of getting gifts we stow away into some drawer and never see again.  Not only that but the wonderful women in our lives struggle to find us gifts each year that aren't the same things over again.  We are positioning KC Shave Co. to answer this call to action. What do men want as a gift? A manly product that's sophisticated and practical in enhancing their daily life.