Our family consists of myself (David), wife Lisa and five children Kiara, Evan, Bree, Eli and Sophia. Together, the kid’s names helped form the company, literally – KEBES.

We started this company for one simple reason – to solve the same problems that our family had and still struggle with.

Living in a house with 7 people is never easy so whether it's menstrual cramps, sports injuries, burns, sore muscles, back pain or headaches, etc.

My (David) background is in product development, which means I’ve spent my entire life solving problems for others and I often told people, “Sometimes problems that need to be solved are right in front of us.”

My daughter Sophia suffered from terrible menstrual cramps and pain killers didn't seem to help her much and each month I felt so bad for her but didn't know what to do.

A long-time friend and natural product formulator, Daniel Kaline, had discovered a natural formula in his lab that worked for all types of pain – burns, arthritis, sore muscles, tennis elbow, just about everything, even headaches.  At the time I was working with QVC Shopping and was looking for great products to present on air when Dan brought his pain gel product to my attention. I told him of Sophia's menstrual pain and that's when he made a special menstrual formula (that we now call Period Gel) and it solved her problem, and like a miracle, it did.

Period Gel became our flagship product. It is patent pending and is listed with the FDA as a pharmaceutical grade homeopathic medicine - a natural alternative for menstrual pain that is fast-acting, topical, and natural.