NYC's #1 All-Green Housekeeping and Maid Services, serving all of: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.

Prices set well below market averages.

Interactive Client interface.

Same-day availability.

No fees, all liquid cleaners and cloths are included.

Paperless office and Client interaction.

24-7 Customer Service by email.

Accepting: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Fully Insured in New York State.

See Press Release Below for additional information, or contact James - Director of Operations + HR, at: james@keepitcuteinc.com.


James Everett Lewis, Director of Operations
keep it cute, inc.
Phone: 212-729-7095
Fax: 800-887-6069
Email: james@keepitcuteinc.com
Website: www.keepitcuteinc.com

Keep It Cute, Inc. Announces Revolutionary Launch of NYC’s Newest and Most Affordable All-Green Housekeeping + Maid Service

New York, New York, June 14th, 2009 – Keep It Cute, Inc. formally announces the launch of its fully-operational/fully-staffed 100% “green” housekeeping + maid service division, servicing all of: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx in New York City.

ABOUT KEEP IT CUTE, INC. – Keep It Cute, Inc. utilizes all-green and eco-friendly cleaning products and practices, and provides all liquid cleaning supplies and cloths used during the cleaning service provided at no additional cost to the Client. Keep It Cute, Inc. further offers a very unique service – Clients are able to book services by allotments of time (in hours) with a cleaner, allowing the Client to maximize or minimize their experience and cost, and pay only for what they need for a specific cleaning. Clients are given a 5-minute consultation and walk-through with the cleaner they have chosen immediately upon the cleaner’s arrival to address specific needs and concerns.

To further differentiate itself from its competitors, Keep It Cute, Inc. has created a progressively interactive website (www.keepitcuteinc.com) that contains its cleaners’ photographs and individual resumes. This allows the Client to choose who will be in their home, before they arrive, building a sincere and friendly relationship while establishing a high comfort level from the very beginning of their business relationship with Keep It Cute, Inc. Clients may browse cleaner schedules and availability freely, and book up to three (3) months in advance. Clients may also book same-day services up to one (1) hour before the requested cleaning.

Keep It Cute, Inc. has set prices that are below market averages (up to 50% less in NYC) for an “all-green” cleaning service in NYC, and the Company stays fiercely true to its values, sourcing only the highest quality, truly eco-friendly products for use in its Clients’ homes. The Company further runs a paperless office with a paperless Client interaction. All correspondence and receipts are electronic, and marketing efforts are most concentrated in electronic and social marketing (Google, Yahoo!, facebook, etc.).

Keep It Cute, Inc.’s business model anticipates rapid expansion throughout the NYC/NYC Metro Area, including New Jersey, and the Company has future plans to expand to all urban/suburban markets on the East and West Coasts of the United States. Keep It Cute, Inc. is fully insured in the State of New York, and all cleaners have signed legally-binding confidentiality agreements to ensure discretion and protect Clients’ privacy to the fullest extent.

For additional information on: “Keep It Cute, Inc. Announces Revolutionary Launch of NYC’s Newest and Most Affordable All-Green Housekeeping + Maid Service”,  contact James Everett Lewis, Director of Operations and Human Resources (james@keepitcuteinc.com), or visit www.keepitcuteinc.com. Clients will receive $20.00 off of any service with coupon code: FTC001 at check-out through July 1, 2009.