Chef Sous LLC was established in 2008 by Founder & Owner Susan Martinson. The company's mission is simple: Create all-natural, quality products with authentic flavors.

Chef Sous LLC is the home of Keep It Simple Syrup® - all-natural, spearmint-infused simple syrup (aka Spearmint kiss*). Made from just pure cane sugar, triple-filtered water, natural spearmint extract (from spearmint leaves), & citric acid (the natural preservative found in citrus fruits), all-natural Spearmint kiss* creates a new category for cocktail mixers and flavoring syrups within the “top-shelf” market.

The company’s mission to create all-natural, quality ingredients with authentic flavors provides more wholesome choices for specialty food and beverage consumers who are willing to trade up.

Keep It Simple Syrup® made its debut in 80 of ~335 Virginia ABC stores (managed by the VA Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) during December 2011, just in time for the holiday season. It is the only all-natural, top-shelf mixer that blends with virtually any spirit, and doubles as both a premium flavoring syrup for non-alcoholic beverages, and a specialty ingredient in sweet and savory dishes.