Keepmedriving.com is a comprehensive web site and legal service designed to assist all UK drivers, both private and commercial, who encounter problems with road traffic legislation or who fall foul of the UK’s ever more complex driving laws.

Provided by multi-office firm Richard Nelson Solicitors, the service aims to provide both comprehensive online guidance and advice as well as offering motorists a range of other methods for getting the most practical and up-to-date assistance as quickly as possible.

Government statistics show that 12.7 million road traffic offences were committed during 2006.  Speed cameras provided evidence for 1.99 million speeding offences (95 per cent of all speeding offences),  whilst 164,900 were mobile phone related offences and 186,00 for careless driving.  More and more drivers each year are at risk of losing their driving licences and, as a result, often their livelihoods.

Keepmedriving.com draws upon the extensive experience of Richard Nelson Solicitors in helping drivers to deal with all aspects of road traffic law and other driving related offences. With offices able to provide cover to the whole of the UK, its dedicated staff will be able to guide the user through what is an undoubtedly difficult time and help them ensure they obtain the result they want - whether it be an acquittal or simply to reduce the penalty they incur.

The keepmedriving website features comprehensive items on most areas of road traffic offence including speeding, drink driving, dangerous driving, careless driving, death by dangerous or careless driving, seat belt and mobile phone offences, insurance and licence offences and driving whilst disqualified.  It also has a section dealing with commercial road traffic offences including overloading, tachograph offences and offences relating to taxis and driving instructors.