Keitaro is an open-source software development and services company with broad experience in providing managed cloud services using open source technologies. Our background includes work on a wide variety of projects in different environments internationally, providing world class solutions to government agencies and institutions, as well as non-governmental and civil society organizations, research institutions, and enterprises. Our teams provide best-in-class services and deliver solutions that delight our customers and surpass their expectations. Our core services include: open-source consultancy, CKAN services, Cloud services, Security & Compliance.
Keitaro’s focus is not based solely on meeting a client’s stated requirements. Rather, we collaborate with our clients to fully understand their goals, and offer the best approach possible, to turn those goals into a high-end solution.

At Keitaro, we believe that every idea can be turned into a solution. We take the time to understand and acknowledge our client’s goals and then work out the best way to achieve them, using a collaborative approach. We push the limits to create scalable solutions of the highest standard, whilst closely following each client’s vision.

Aside from our work on commercial projects, it’s important to us that we give back to the open-source community. As such, we invest our knowledge, time and resources.

For us, success involves constant learning, teamwork, growth and ensuring we stay devoted to the values of openness.