Kelly Harrington is an expert at helping coaches and conscious entrepreneurs to transform their business to achieve their big vision. She is dedicated to helping this amazing group of transformational experts to serve more people in record time and make (way) more money… even while sleeping.

She does this by helping this amazing group of people to get over the ‘technology hump’ so they can do what they are brilliant at… helping their clients live their best lives.  As a Online Client Attraction and Cash Coach, she helps her clients get past the overwhelm, confusion, and frustration that goes along with getting their leveraged programs and products out of their head and into the world so they can serve hundreds and thousands vs. tens and ones.

She break down all of the systems, online tools, technology, etc. into step-by-step solutions… Easy Breezy!

Through her 15+ years of leadership experience at successful technology digital media companies, Kelly learned about innovative and breakthrough online tools, processes, and systems that make life easier and make money for companies.  She leveraged this amazing experience to jump-start and build her own successful and thriving career coaching business.

What Kelly learned about herself is that she is a personable and approachable conscious entrepreneur and coach who can help her clients to take the action they want to be both happy and successful… AND she is a systems and technology ‘geek’!

Kelly’s yin-yang approach to coaching and business building allowed her to build 40% of her income in her first year through leveraged group and product programs so that the one-on-one coaching was her premium service.

She does not need or want you to become an IT geek like her (unless you want to!). Rather, she wants to geek out for you and show you her easy breezy step-by-step solutions to achieving your clients, business, service, and income goals.

You'll notice a Hawaii theme in everything she does. Why is this? Well, Hawaii is one of Kelly’s favorite places on earth because everything there feels easy breezy to her. It’s her goal to bring this sense of ‘Aloha’ into her everyday life and business. And, more importantly, to help you take easy breezy action to have the leveraged business of your dreams.

Kelly is available for speaking on various related topics and looks forward to speaking with you!

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