A master instructor of Yoga and the creator of the YogaSkills Method and Kemetic YogaSkills owner. He is the most senior instructor of Kemetic Yoga in the United States, with over 45 years of experience practicing and teaching.

Yirser was involved with the original research and documentation of Kemetic Yoga (Ancient Egyptian or African Yoga), along with master instructor Dr. Asar Ha-pi in the 1970s. He has trained and certified over 5000+ Kemetic Yoga instructors across the globe through his school, YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga, and conducts historical/cultural/spiritual tours of Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, and other parts of the African Diaspora.

Yirser holds Masters’s Degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and in Inner City Studies from Northeastern Illinois University, a BA in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and has studied Anthropology on the graduate level.