Ken Adams-Clarksville Area Real Estate  Hello I am Ken Adams, I am  an expert in Clarksville TN Real estate. With my knowledge of Clarksville you can be confident that you are buying or selling your home at the right price . All real estate markets are not created equal. My goal is to assist you in navigating and negotiating to make your process more efficient from beginning to end.  Find Your Next Home
With my Unique Buyer Profile Service, you can rest assured that you will find the best home that meets your needs. Once we find the right home, I will prepare a market analysis, that will allow you to see that you are not overpaying for the home you want. We also have affiliate partners in the mortgage industry that offer the most competitive financing options available. Sell a Home
When it is time to sell your home, we will first peform an analysis of your home, coupled with a Unique Selling Proposition and marketing strategy. We deploy an automatic feedback system that will let you know what each person thought of your home. Communication is a very vital portion of selling your home. We will communicate with you on a consistent basis letting you know each step of the way what to expect. Home Selling Tactics Pictures, Pictures, pictures.....need I say more. Often bad, improperly cropped, resized pictures of your home can cost you the sale, even looks. Most buyers skip over homes with no or bad photos. We use high resolution DSLR Nikon software and lenses to make sure you home gets the right exposure, no pun intended.  Clutter is another problem when it comes to presenting you home, we will guide you through the de clutter process.  Pricing your home is another huge alliance, 90% of any great marketing plan is putting your home in the right price range. We will provide a completed, factual analysis of your home and what a "realistic" selling price should be. In recent research I have found that almost 24.5% of our local real estate market is overpriced. The cost of overpricing your home will lead to a road of more loss than just putting the home in the right range. To find out more home selling strategies, or to get a free market report on your home contact us today. You can also view our videos at www.kenadams.info